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Designed to make your Self Storage business more money. 

Over 80% of all business is researched online. Is your Self Storage business taking advantage of online business today? Online customers searching for self storage are impatient: they are not shoppers, they are buyers. Do you give them any chance to rent a space right now? 

Potential customers looking for Self Storage space want to know 3 basic things. What sizes are available, how much is the space and when can they Move In. For many years the price of Self Storage Spaces has been kept a secret – Customers ready to buy should not be frustrated with their buying experiences from your site. RapidStor offers SiteLink Web Edition users a solution to capture the rich vein of online bookings other industries use to make more money and with over 6000 bookings, sign up now to take advantage of online self storage business. 

Mobile and tablet friendly

RapidStor has been designed for a large range of different screen sizes. RapidStor detects what kind of device your potential customers are using and displays your units in a clear and easy to understand way which suits their screen size.