On Line Move Ins – An Aussie Success Story

On Line Move Ins – An Aussie Success Story

On Line Move Ins – An Aussie Success Story

Over 6,000 Online Move Ins have been completed by r6 Web Designs ™ RapidStor On Line Move In technology. Australia was the first to introduce this technology to the Self Storage world over 5 years ago.
Used in conjunction with SiteLink Web Edition, RapidStor prefills the storage agreement that a self storage site uses.The process starts with a potential customer finding your website. RapidStor has two options – to show available unit types and show these unit types from the results of RapidStor’s unique On Line Size Calculator

Once a potential storer has selected their unit type, lets say it’s a 3 x 4 space, they then prefill certain parts of the storage agreement. RapidStor determines for the site if the potential storer should be a reservation or a booking based upon the date of move in selected.

Once details are provided and the storer pays, the reservation or move in is completed in SiteLink. If the storer has completed their information and then decides not to proceed, the site is notified so they can follow up the potential customer and help them complete the process.

RapidStor comes with portal access so sites can configure certain features like occupancy levels, specials, marketing information capture, reserve days to move in s and all sorts of criteria.

RapidStor is highly configurable and each site may want to change colours and processes.  online move ins

“Online Move ins” is a generic industry term: The fact is that the move in is not completed until the site has met with the potential customer, confirmed space and ID requirements and completed all documents. Access is not provided until these conditions are met.

RapidStor is a convenient online tool to capture those who are ready to commit.RapidStor is used by SSAA and non SSAA members. Some use the standard storage agreement as provided by the SSAA and others use their own agreements.

RapidStor provides for just about any self storage agreement and there are many variations currently in use today. We can assist any SiteLink users with setting up their agreements in RapidStor.

For SSAA users concerned about privacy legislation or compliance, both SiteLink and RapidStor are SSAA compliant and we maintain regular contact and review. Marketing information that can be captured at time of move in is a good example. The marketing tools are highly configurable and can be turned on and off based up user’s policies and the SSAA manual of advice and procedures.  The team at R6 Web Design ™ have also created custom code that can be used to create your own version of RapidStor, adding or subtracting features. This is used by a number of larger operators.

The site is responsible for compliance with state and federal legislation with respect to privacy, competition and fair trading.

Storage agreements can be updated as the need arises and regular reviews are conducted for users.

If you use SiteLink and do not use online move in technology on your website you could be missing out on valuable rentals. Ask us how RapidStor can help you gain more business.

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