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Potential customers for Self Storage only want to know 3 things. What sizes are available, how much is the space and when can they Move In. Online consumers expect pricing and buying opportunitues now. For many years the price of Self Storage Spaces has been kept a secret – Whilst customers ready to buy have been frustrated with their buying experiences. Hotels, airlines and other similar services have given customers the opportunity to book online. Self Storage used to call or contact facilities directly.
Until Now…

RapidStor is developed by Self Storage experts who understand Self Storage operators and the needs of their customers. RapidStor embeds into your website powerful code allowing potential customers to book, reserve and pay for their new storage space 24/7. RapidStor integrates with SiteLink Web Edition, the world’s most popular and powerful Self Storage management software, allowing you to set discounts and specials and promote specific units. RapidStor is compliant with the Self Storage Asscociation's standard storage agreement guidelines. 

 3 different unit categories 

Customers are given an option of 3 different unit categories – with RapidStor Pro these can be customisable, with customisable names and up to 6 unique desciptions for each size category.

Price, Features, Discount Offers. 

After choosing a size selection either directly or from the RapidStor online space calculator, customers are given a range of unit size choice based on price, features and available discount offers. Customers can then select a move-in date, insurance and merchandise options and then pay for their storage. Upon completion of the online pre fill process, customers will receive a completely customisable confirmation email, detailing your site’s policies, details of their storage booking complete with gate access and office hours. The process is completed once a customer visits and completes your sites prerequisties like ID check, unit inspection and agreement signing. 

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

RapidStor has been designed for a large range of different screen sizes. RapidStor detects what kind of device your potential customers are using and displays your units in a clear and easy to understand way which suits their screen size.

Works on all Major Browsers

RapidStor has been designed to work on all major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser. Working on as many browsers as possible means that you won’t have to worry about customers on older computers not being able to view and move into your units.

Hassle Free

Because RapidStor is cloud based you don’t have to worry about expensive service maintenance and data costs. Setup is quick and easy, all that you have to do is insert a link to RapidStor into your current website.