Online Purchasing Trends in 2015

The online purchasing trends of consumers continue to change into 2015. Close to 70% of Australian consumers shop online monthly, 25% research brands using social media and close to half of Australian consumers like to receive offers by mobile phone.

One of the most important new statistics which is increasing every year is the speed of the delivery of the product with over 70% of consumers wanting their online purchase to be delivered the same day.

In self storage this translates to being able to process an online move in or reservation immediately with access to immediate inventory giving the consumer the ability to buy immediately.
By 2025 we will elevated another billion people are on earth to reach about 8 billion with the over 65 is the fastest growing group.

Online Purchasing Trends in 2015

There has been year-on-year change in the way in which consumers purchase with a clear move away from traditional purchasing methods to an online model.
The ability to for a business to innovate is now a top priority for most companies, have customers are hungry for new products and self storage is no different.

With recent changes to RapidStor, SiteLink’s the eSign™ technology, SiteLink users can now use paperless self storage agreements which are now saved in the SiteLink database. RapidStor has also updated main program with a completely automated online box shop which integrates to the merchandise at store level stored in SiteLink web edition.
RapidStor is unique space calculator also helps customers to work out quickly what sort of space they need at a self storage facility.

Combine online move ins with the box shop and the integrated space calculator and your self storage facility will have a very powerful call to action tool for online consumers to do business with you immediately.

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