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Space Calculator

Space Calculator

The first question your customers always ask is “How much space do I need”. With RapidStor’s easy Space Calculator, they can find out in as few clicks as possible the space that is right for them. Don’t have them fill out endless details of what they need to store.

Easy to use

Ask your customers 2 questions. What is their storage need, and roughly how many items. This is enough for you to estimate how much space they need. Let your website do that for you. The Space Calculator takes you directly to the unit in RapidStor that fits their needs. Increase conversion by giving the customer every opportunity to buy.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

RapidStor has been designed for a large range of different screen sizes. RapidStor detects what kind of device your potential customers are using and displays your units in a clear and easy to understand way which suits their screen size.

Works on all Major Browsers

RapidStor has been designed to work on all major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser. Working on as many browsers as possible means that you won’t have to worry about customers on older computers not being able to view and move into your units.

Hassle Free

Because RapidStor is cloud based you don’t have to worry about expensive service maintenance and data costs. Setup is quick and easy, all that you have to do is insert a link to RapidStor into your current website.